Liberal Feminazis Attack ‘Dirty’ Catholic Nuns After Hobby Lobby Ruling

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In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby, liberal heads across the country have been exploding with tars as they push the lie that “evil” corporations are trying to deny women contraception. Even Obama has come out and repeated the same lie-based propaganda because he believes that all women should have the right to get any contraception they want for free.

In what is probably one of the vilest responses yet, the “women’s rights” group NOW has come out swinging against the Catholic nuns at Little Sisters of the Poor, who help the elderly poor in over 30 nations. The Little Sisters are a faith-based organization and have the same objections to the contraception mandate as the owners of Hobby Lobby do because it goes against their Roman Catholic beliefs, and they’re awaiting a decision on their appeal to it.

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While the decision looms, the crackpot feminazis at NOW decided that the nuns are using their religion to discriminate against and oppress women. So what did they do? They placed the Little Sisters on their DIRTY 100 list because they won’t provide contraception to their employees, even though their entire group is all about being selfless and trying to improve the lives of the poor.

In addition, the idiots at NOW said this about the entire Catholic Church:

We note that Catholic doctrine considers vasectomy a sin, but the Catholic bishops have not been walking up and down the halls of Congress, or orchestrating federal lawsuits, to demand the government create special rules blocking men’s access to that procedure.

Never mind that nobody is actually blocking access to birth control or contraception, they’re just refusing to pay for drugs that kill fertilized eggs which only make up four of the 20 available. Also, aside from Sandra Fluke how many people have you heard complain about having to pay $9 a month for birth control?

Of course facts don’t matter to the left because they’ve deemed free contraception a right, and as such we must all cave to their will and pay for it.

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