Liberal Professors: It’s Normal For Men To Be “Aroused By Children”


July 7, 2014 11:28am PST

Given the times we live it appears that the scum of the earth is becoming quite emboldened as society continues to erode. Most recently, it appears that certain child molesters have stepped forward from the shadows to reveal that they believe that it is normal for men to be sexually “aroused by children.”

The shocking remarks came about from several professors during a seemingly perverse conference back in July of last year. Amongst the talking points other than the fact that pedophilia is normal, were “Liberating the paedophile: a discursive analysis,” and “Danger and difference: the stakes of hebephilia.”

It seems the some of the world’s most esteemed minds – and perhaps perverts – came together to discuss the recent trend of mainstream celebrities (i.e. Jimmy Savile) to have been discovered to be involved sexually with children. In order to do that, they got together at Cambridge University to hold a conference in which they discussed just that, and known pedophiles were donned as gods.

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According to Professor Ken Plummer:

“As homosexuality has become slightly less open to sustained moral panic, the new pariah of ‘child molester’ has become the latest folk devil. Many adult pedophiles say that boys actively seek out sex partners … ‘childhood’ itself is not a biological given but an historically produced social object.”

So basically, as our society has degenerated enough whereas homosexuality – as wrong as it is – isn’t quite as frowned upon as it once was, pedophiles have stepped out of the shadows to fill the gap. Now, in hopes of one day legalizing sex with children, they’ve taken to combining their efforts to justify the horrendous acts.

Plummer further detailed:

“Pedophiles are told they are the seducers and rapists of children; they know their experiences are often loving and tender ones. They are told that children are pure and innocent, devoid of sexuality; they know both from their own experiences of childhood and from the children they meet that this is not the case.”

This perhaps though was not the most offensive things said during the conference as Philip Tromovitch, a professor at Doshisha University in Japan conveyed that the, “majority of men are probably pedophiles and hebephiles” and that “pedophilic interest is normal and natural in human males”.

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Ray Blanchard, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, echoed Tromovitch’s sentiment and added that the stance of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) was that “the sexual preference for early pubertal children is normal.”

What do you guys think though – could this be indicative of what society will one day accept? Can society become so numb that even the most horrendous of atrocities become the norm? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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