Obama Forces Couple Married For 33 Years To Break Up

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Barack Obama reached a new low when a Tennessee couple was forced to split up because of Obamacare.  According to USA Today, Linda and Larry Drain were forced to separate so that she could keep her health insurance. They had been married for 33 years.

Six months after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the Drains found themselves caught in the coverage gap.  They did not make enough money to qualify for a government subsidy to buy health insurance and they live in a state that is not expanding Medicaid.

The Drains problems began when Larry took early retirement from Social Security last year. His decision changed Linda’s eligibility to continue receiving Supplemental Security income. She was told that if she continued to live with her husband she would no longer qualify for Tennessee’s Medicaid program.

Linda Drain is epileptic, and requires a number of expensive medications to prevent her seizures. She cannot live without insurance, so she has been either staying with her mother or living in a homeless shelter for the last few months.

Meanwhile, Larry has remained at home where he writes a letter to Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam every day asking him to expand Medicaid.

Though they have hope, for now there is not much the Drains can do. The loving couple have a particularly difficult time not seeing each other every day.

“A thousand little things have been ripped away from us,” said Larry Drain. “Little things that people do.”


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