4-Star General Blaming Obama For Imminent Threat On America’s Existence


July 7, 2014 6:47am PST

It doesn’t take much to see that Obama has only stuck around to get through his second term. Doing just about nothing in terms of progress, many have begun to open their eyes to the detrimental effects of his presidency. Most recently, an active 4-star General has spoken out to say that Obama’s border security crisis is threatening America’s existence.

Now, we’ve all seen exactly what happens when you speak out against Obama – just ask Petraeus – so we’ll just have to wait and see exactly what consequence such a statement brings about. As it stands, Border Patrol detainment centers are literally bursting at the seams with illegals flocking over by the thousands hopeful for amnesty.

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As Obama continues to do literally nothing regarding the matter, in hopes of severely concentrating the voting pool with the color blue, many are fed up with those allowed to break our nation’s laws. According to WND, 4-star Marine General and US Southern Command Commander John Kelly has recently spoken out about just that saying:

Particularly in regards to the drug trade, murder rates and terrorist activity brewing in Central America, Kelly says, the waves of Latin Americans sweeping through Mexico and illegally into Texas presents a threat to the U.S. every bit as serious as Iran or North Korea.

“In comparison to other global threats, the near collapse of societies in [this] hemisphere with the associated drug and [illegal immigrant] flow are frequently viewed to be of low importance,” Kelly said in an interview with Defense One. “Many argue these threats are not existential and do not challenge our national security. I disagree.”

He furthermore went on to note that the influx of illegal immigrants coming from South America are even more dangerous as they pose a direct threat regarding the drug trade – and with them comes a much more violent mentality. It’s good to see that someone, at least in some way related to the current administration has had the gull to speak out regarding the outrageousness of the current predicament that Obama seems to be willingly neglecting.

There is no reason that border security should not be running at maximum efficiency and deportations should be taking place daily. Although it’s highly unlikely that this would cure the issue, deploying the National Guard to, oh, I don’t know, guard our nation.

What do you guys think – should Obama be allowed the option to sit idly by while terrorists and drug cartels take advantage of our unsecured border? Let us know in the comments below.


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