The Island Where Teenage Girls Flock To Have Sex For Cash

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The island of Majorca is known for it’s seedy bars, lap dancing joints and sex shops – hardly the place where you would want your teenaged daughter going for a bit of fun. But British teens consider a trip to Spanish Majorca a rite of passage. They come in droves to the hellish place where the sun is hot and the booze is cheap.


This past week, the video went viral of an 18-year-old girl who performed sex acts on 24 men in succession at a bar after being told she would be given a free vacation for doing it. The obscene incident occurred in Majorca. As it turned out, the young girl was not rewarded for her lewd acts with a vacation, but rather a single cocktail.


This 18-yr-old girl from Ireland performed sex acts on 24 different men in a row.

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The Majorca nightclub where much of this deplorable behavior takes place is called Carnage Magaluf. To anyone who hasn’t visited the island, such an incident as this young girl was involved in would be unthinkable, but on Majorca it is commonplace. Government spokeswoman, Nuria Riera, made a comment in defense of the island after it has been in the news as of late:

“This sort of behavior cannot be tolerated. It gives our island and women a terrible image. We regard it as outrageous and we have to stop it whichever way we can. There are people who come here with certain types of behavior or educational patterns that need to be fought against in their own country.”

A reporter for MailOnline recently visited Majorca to investigate just what happens on it’s vomit-ridden streets. What that reporter found was appalling. Well-spoken, intelligent young women were literally prostituting themselves for fun and a bit of extra spending money. One girl, named Jessica, remarked:

“It seems a good way to get a bit of extra money for the holiday spend. We have all had a bit to drink. I realize you could call it “minor prostitution”. If our parents found out, they’d go mad. It was our idea. We had heard from other British girls it was the thing to do. None of the men tried to hurt or attack us, but perhaps that was because they were so hammered too.”

Another young girl was so wasted that she past out on the street and remained unconscious when an ambulance came to take her to the hospital and pump her stomach.


A DJ at Carnage Magaluf persuaded one young girl to remove her top, balance a drink on top of her bare chest, and allow male patrons to attempt to grab it with only their teeth.

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In this atmosphere, it is no wonder that reports of rape and sexual abuse run rampant. Most of these attacks go unreported, because the victims are too drunk to remember what the person who attacked them looked like or even where the assault took place.

A senior police officer told the MailOnline reporter:

“The kids who come here from your country are getting younger each year. They used to be in their early 20s and now are as young as 16. They come here without their parents and without any kind of supervision. They all seem desperate to drink to excess, which is bewildering to the Spanish. There are plenty wanting cannabis and ecstasy tablets, too. We feel we have lost the battle against the British partying in this way. We have officers who patrol the Balena strip where they go at night, and then in the morning we are left to clear up the mess.”

In yet another disgusting display, a couple had sex in a bar while being groped by other patrons and filmed on cell phones. The man who participated wore a shirt which read, “What happens in Majorca stays in Majorca”. But these horrible moments of debauchery do not in fact end up staying in Majorca. They get plastered all over the internet for the world to see.

As you might expect, drug use is heavy in Majorca. An experimental new drug called ‘Cannibal’ is considered to be responsible for a number of recent attacks in which the perpetrator has viciously bitten their victim. The video above shows a team of officers arresting a man after one such attack induced by Cannibal.

It certainly seems that nothing good happens on this God forsaken island. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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