Californians Battle Illegals At The Border On Independence Day

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Several Murrieta, CA residents spent their Fourth of July holiday literally fighting hand and fist to keep busloads of illegal immigrants out of their town. This wasn’t the first time Southern California residents came out in droves to deter illegal aliens, so law enforcement had increased their presence in an attempt to keep things under control.


It was a wild scene as police officers restrained, tackled and even threw to the ground some of the angry protesters while they tried to gain control of the situation. All of the chaos culminated in the arrest of six people.


Call me crazy, but isn’t it a little backwards that the people who are committing a crime by entering our country illegally get a free pass, but those who are lawfully exercising their First Amendment right of free speech are being arrested?


If nothing else, these Californians sent a crystal clear message to the government that the American people are NOT going to take the effects of this border crisis lying down. This country is chalk full of patriots who are willing to stand up and fight for this great land, despite what the liberal media lapdogs want you to believe.


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