Disgraceful: Obama Pushes Amnesty On Fourth Of July


July 4, 2014 2:57pm PST

Since the beginning of his administration, President Obama has had his share of embarrassing faux pas. He gave Putin, via Hillary Clinton, a “reset” button that actually didn’t say “reset” in Russian; he offered a collection of DVDs that were not euro-compatible to the ambassador from England in exchange for a pen made by hand from the wood of a slave ship; and he also offered the Queen of England a bound copy of his speeches…she gave him an authentic royal tea service.

He has been utterly humiliating in matters of protocol and “manners” in general. Today, however, he may have outdone himself. He took the opportunity on this Independence Day at a swearing in ceremony of new U.S. citizens, who all came here legally and served this country in the military, to declare our immigration system broken.

Even more disconcerting, Mr. President mentioned the “best and brightest” who are attracted to our shores while ignoring the criminals who are using innocent children as “anchors”. Watch as he proves his ineptness once again.

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