Black Liberal: Living In D.C. Is Same As Being A Slave

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It would appear the District of Columbia’s former mayor is back on the crack pipe! First of all, slavery is a tragic scar on the history of these United States and should never be referenced lightly or to merely “get press”. It was real, but it has been eradicated from our great country. Save a few bastions of human sex trafficking, it has been nearly eliminated worldwide.

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That being said, the reasons Barry gives for his “oppression” are beyond absurd even for a man who thought Jessie Jackson would make a good president. Is it the nation’s “fault” Marion Barry has chosen to reside in D.C. since at least 1979 when he was first elected mayor? Does anyone else bear the responsibility for Mayor Barry’s choice to live in a District specifically set forth in the Constitution to remain separate from any state, much less become one?

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Frederick Douglass? Really? He’s quoting Frederick Douglass’ famous 4th of July speech which spoke directly to the need for further action on civil rights for former slaves to state that Independence Day is not for D.C. residents? How, Mr. Barry, have you been disenfranchised at any point ever due to your residency in the nation’s Capital? It could be argued that the level of access to persons in power D.C. has offered you by mere proximity made you more prominent and important than you could be anywhere else.

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It is beyond distasteful to drum up racial divisions on the anniversary of our great nation’s independence. Marion Barry is the epitome of civil rights activists who cannot find a mission and therefore continue to seek attention for what was wrong in America. Today, we should celebrate not only our independence from England, but from slavery and inequality as well. The United States of America is not a perfect place, but we’ve come a long way, baby and there is no place on earth where one is less oppressed than here. Go to rehab Marion!

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