Patriot Bikers Plan Epic March To “Shut Down The Border” & Free Jailed Marine

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After making a wrong turn and being detained by Mexican police, Marine Andrew Tahmooressi is still sitting in a deplorable jail south of the border. While our government does nothing to free this American hero, he is living in horrific conditions which actually drove him to contemplate suicide at one point.

As the Fourth of July weekend is upon us, some patriotic bikers have decided to take matters into their own hands to do whatever they can to free Tahmooressi. John Harrington, founder of Shield Tactical, is the ringleader of the event. He stated:

“This event will be family oriented & patriotic, and although our terms to #freetahmooressi are non-negotiable, there is a 100% expectation that it will be peaceful. The ultimate goal is to inspire so many people to attend the event on Cinco De Julio event, that every freeway entrance into Mexico will be completely shut down. This is not intended to hurt the Mexican people unless they intend to keep our U.S. Marine, but it is to remind the Mexico authorities that We The People are directly responsible for millions of dollars PER HOUR which flows over the U.S. / Mexico border. We The People have the power to stop their prosperity in it’s tracks if they refuse to return our U.S. Marine. Once we #FreeTahmooressi on Cinco De Julio, we can then celebrate on both sides of the border! The main stream media can take all the pictures and video they wish, and we hope they also document politicians on both sides hiding in their bunkers.”

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This is a sentiment that was championed by Bill O’Reilly as well. He was also of the mind that the best action we can take against Mexico at this time is to boycott their products and travel.

Even though the White House petition which Tahmooressi’s vigilant mother started has now received well enough signatures to garner a response from the President, he hasn’t uttered a word on it. This after he freed five high-ranking Taliban terrorists in exchange for traitor Bowe Bergdahl. Funny how he puts our country in grave danger just to get back a man who denounced our nation in the first place, but he won’t do a damn thing to assist a young man who fought valiantly for our nation during two tours of duty in Iraq.

Freeing Tahmooressi would only take President Obama so much as a phone call – clearly the situation should never have escalated to this degree. It’s as if he is intentionally remaining silent on the issue out of spite. Kind of reminds me of my two-year-old when he hasn’t had his nap – just like Obama, he tries to see how far he can push a person before they have to resort to drastic measures. If only the president just needed a nap.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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