Police Now Being Called When Gun Buyers Fail Background Checks

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If you’re one of the true patriots who believe that even a background check is an infringement on your Second Amendment rights, then this report is sure to make your blood boil. In Oregon, the police are being called every single time that a would-be gun buyer fails a background check.

Here’s a scenario for you: Joe Schmo goes to buy a gun because there has been an increase in crime in his neighborhood as of late. He just wants to be able to protect his family if the need arising. Now, back in his college days, Mr. Schmo partied a little too hard one night and ended up three sheets to the wind and relieving himself behind the bushes at one of the local frat houses. Low and behold, the police happened to catch Schmo in the act and slapped him with a charge for drunk and disorderly conduct or some such thing. Joe Schmo has long since forgotten about the incident, but the system hasn’t! So when he went to his local firearms dealer to purchase a weapon, he failed his background check. Then the police were called and they hauled his law-abiding butt off to jail. They could have been spending their time and your tax dollars apprehending real criminals, but of course, that would make waaaaay too much sense in today’s backwards society.

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Think that sounds a little extreme? Mark my words, it will get worse. It is now a punishable crime to even attempt to buy a firearm if you do not pass the background check. You can be questioned, detained, and arrested. And let’s not forget that many people who fail the required background check do so because of no fault of their own. Many times there is a computer glitch or clerical error responsible for the failure. Can you even begin to imagine the Pandora’s box of issues which will rise because of this bogus law?

If you’re as mad as we are over this latest report, sound off in the comments section.

H/T: Free Patriot

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