Outrage Ensues After Woman Videoed Performing Sex Act On 24 Men In 2 Minutes, In A Bar

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A British woman visiting Magaluf has sparked massive outrage after a video surfaced online of her performing oral sex on over 20 men in order to get a free drink.

Now the local mayor, Manuel Onieva, has ordered a full investigation into the incident, according to MailOnline.

The video shows a blonde woman, who was believed to be a British tourist to the area, going from man to man performing the sex acts while they stand around on the dance floor. While she’s performing the acts the men, along with whoever is filming the disgusting display, are cheering her on.

Perhaps the most disgusting part about this is that her reward for doing this was a bottle of Cava, which costs roughly three euros.

MailOnline reports that these sex parties – which are called “mamading,” mamada being Spanish for performing a sex act – are on the rise across Spain in bars that are trying to attract young tourists. Because of this, Onieva has threatened to shut down bars that are caught having mamading parties, saying he “completely rejects” the activities.

The name of the bar where this happened is unknown, however if you want to see the video – which we are not going to post on this website – you can do so here. However be forewarned that it contains very graphic scenes and is not in any way safe for work or for children.

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