Obama’s Mentor Bill Ayers: ‘I’m Not Proud To Be An American’


July 3, 2014 5:20am PST

Admitted domestic terrorist, college professor(sadly) and mentor to Obama, Bill Ayers appeared on “The Kelly File” Wednesday evening to debate well-known filmmaker and author Dinesh D’Souza, during which time he admitted he’s “not proud to be an American.”

For those unfamiliar, Ayers has strong ties to Obama dating back to the beginning of Obama’s political career, which was launched in Ayer’s home many years ago. He’s also the former front man for the disbanded radical left-wing domestic terrorist group Weather Underground, who was responsible for bombings and other terroristic activities when it was active. Now he’s a tenured professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, who’s able to spew his liberal rhetoric to young and impressionable minds. 

Ayers explained to Kelly and D’Souza that while he respected America’s “tradition of radicals” along with our “tradition of revolutionaries,” he’s not “proud to be American,” sound familiar? Remember back in 2008 when Michelle Obama proclaimed that “for the first time” in her life she was proud to be American?

D’Souza then explained to Ayers that America is radically different than the foreign nations with oppressive regimes that invade nations to take them over, even though America has made mistakes in the past. He used Iraq as an example, citing the fact that after the initial assault, America worked to return the nation to its rightful owners when we very easily could have declared it U.S. territory.

D’Souza also made the point that if a nation like Russia or China were to have the same military might as America then there’s no question that they would abuse the power just because they could.

Ayers, like many on the far left, then likened himself to America’s founding fathers, saying he is the same type of revolutionary. However D’Souza argued that Ayers represented the “Spirit of 1968,” which he said “was the radical spirit that saw America as a force for evil.” Again, sound familiar?

Go ahead and watch the video and see if you think Ayers and Obama sound a lot alike, then let us know what you think with a comment!

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