You’ll Be Shocked When You See What This Police Officer Did To A Wheelchair Bound Man

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The footage is shocking, but the case isn’t as clear cut as it seems. Though the video was released today, the incident happened in October when Lafayette, Indiana police officers were called to an Adult Education center.

Employees there called 911 when the man in the wheelchair, 25 year old Nicholas Kincade, told security he had a gun in his bag. When Officers searched his bag, they only found a pocket knife.  They issued him a trespassing warning, and told him to leave.

This is where the video begins, as Kincade runs over Officer Davidson’s foot. The officer then pushes him to the ground, at which time Kincade protests that it was an accident.

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“I didn’t see you!” Kincade yells.

“Oh my god, right!” The officer responds.

According to The Blaze, a review board later found Davidson to be in the wrong, saying he could have moved out of the path of the wheelchair.

“Police officers cannot put themselves in a position where the subsequent need to use force is created,” Police Chief Patrick Flannelly told his local news.

The board initially ruled that Davidson should be fired, but upon appeal settled on the punishment of a demotion and a 30 day suspension.

Judging from the footage, who do you think was in the right? Let us know in the comments below!

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