Two Thieves Get The Shock Of Their Lives From Armed Shop Owner

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A recent robbery shows just how quickly the tables can be turned on a thief who doesn’t realize what they’re walking into.

The thieves walked in to Marlene’s Jewelry in Fresno, California last Friday, where one of them is seen pulling out a handgun and demanding money from a clerk. His partner tried to jump the counter at the same time, but didn’t quite do so well.

As these two men tried to inflict fear on the store clerk they didn’t realize that in the back of the store was the owner, who was with his daughter and her newborn baby.

When Soledad Castaneda heard his employee screaming that they were being robbed, he grabbed his shotgun and sprang into action.

The shotgun is never actually seen in the video, however what is seen is the look of sheer terror on the faces of the two thieves as they realize they’re about to become Swiss cheese. The two suspects almost immediately do an about face and try to vacate the store as quickly as possible.

The man who was able to get behind the counter dropped to the floor and made a beeline for the door, while his partner, who ignored the alleged request to shoot Castaneda, booked it for the door as well.

The shop owner’s brother, Jose Llamas, said that the two were “very lucky” that Castaneda didn’t shoot them, but that whenever he watches the footage he gets a chuckle as he watches the unprepared thieves run away in absolute horror at the sight of a gun.

Police are now searching for the suspects, who they believe may be as young as 17 years old.

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