John McCain Snapped Selfies With ISIS

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When John McCain visited war-torn Syria back in May of 2013 he visited with General Salim Idris, who was the leader of the Free Syrian Army at the time. Apparently, he took some pictures with him and his men as well.

Now people are speculating that some of the men seen in the photos with McCain have joined up with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), who has been pillaging Iraq for weeks now in an unprecedented insurgency.

According to Rare, the man in the striped shirt, Gen. Idris, was removed from his post with the FSA because he was either ineffective or “too moderate,” which is it was the latter would support the theory that ISIL was involved since their leader was allegedly kicked out of al Qaeda for being too radical.

Reports are coming out that the photo with McCain is being circulated by ISIL as “proof of their legitimacy.”


In addition to the speculation about the photo, Rand Paul last year warned that nobody really knew who the people that McCain was calling to support were, and that aiding al Qaeda’s allies to take down Assad was a huge mistake.

“Our current policies regarding military aid to Syria simply do not make sense, yet this administration and many in Congress continue to remain completely deaf,” he wrote. “Washington needs to hear the message loud and clear — again — concerning Syria:We do not know who these people are!

“Make no mistake: Bashar al-Assad is a brutal dictator guilty of unspeakable crimes against humanity. But the same is true for many of the rebel groups trying to oust him,” he added.

“The civil war in Syria is a horrible tragedy, but the U.S. simply has no ally in that war.”

Do you think that the people in the photo are members of ISIS?

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