Israel Blows Up The Terrorists Obama Was Too Scared To Touch

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We all know how little Obama cares about Americans overseas and how ridiculously weak his foreign policy is. He’s pretty much the laughing stock of the world right now. It didn’t surprise anyone when he ignored the fact that an American teenager had been captured by radical terrorists and killed, because we all saw his nonchalant approach to the Benghazi situation. Well luckily, Israel has decided to disregard the foreign policy advice of our president and take matters into their own hands. No one in their right mind would listen to Obama when it comes to foreign policy anyway.

Obama urged the Israeli government to use “restraint” in hunting down the Hamas terrorists who captured three innocent teenagers – one of them American. But Israel gave the Commander In Chief a big middle finger and decided to blow those bastards to kingdom come.

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If Obama had two brain cells to rub together, he would realize that you don’t exercise “restraint” with extremists who slaughter women and children. It’s a good thing Israel realized this and did what needed to be done.

At this time, the Israeli military has commenced airstrikes against Hamas targets and bombed a location where the specific terrorists who kidnapped the boys were known to be. They have received an outpouring of support for their actions, even though it wasn’t what Almighty Obama ordered. As Judge Jeanine put it, “Bomb them. Bomb them! Keep bombing them! Bomb them again and again.”

Do you support the Israelis’ idea of using “restraint” in this instance? Let us know in the comments section!

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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