California Protesters Force Buses of Illegal Immigrants Back To Border

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These Californians really took action to stop an influx of undocumented migrants! The immigrants were flown in from Texas as a result of the increase of illegal immigration in recent weeks. Three Busses of 140 undocumented migrants arrived in Murrieta California on Tuesday afternoon, and the residents there were not happy.

According to The Daily Mail, Murrieta Mayor Alan Long urged the people of his town to take action, and they sure did! Over 300 flag waving Americans turned up on Tuesday and blocked the road so the busses could not pass.

The protesters wielded signs saying things like “Return To Sender” and urged the busses to send the children on the busses to the White House instead.

This was planned to be the first shuttle carrying Immigrants into California.  The busses were eventually rerouted after it became clear that the Murrietans were not going away. Lois Haley, a spokeswoman for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) refused to say where the buses were headed: “For the security of everybody … we’re just not saying anything about any contingency plans now.”

Though the residents of Murrieta won the battle, they have not won the war. Alan Long has warned the Murrieta residents to expect busses of immigrants to arrive every 72 hours.


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