A Closer Look At The Beautiful Texas Huntress Who’s Driving Liberals INSANE

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Kendall Jones has taken the media by storm with her passion for exotic hunts across the African continent. Animal rights activists as well as hunting advocates have flocked to her Facebook page to either completely rip her apart or to tell them how awesome they think she is.

We decided to go to her Facebook page and pull the pictures that you’re not being shown by the media. The one’s that show she’s really not the monster that intolerant liberals would have us all believe.

If you haven’t heard, Jones posts pictures of her hunts to her page to show the world her passion of hunting. She’s an avid outdoors woman and a passionate conservationist who’s doing her part to help control animal populations and give Africa’s poor farmers the much needed income they need to maintain their farms and property.

However liberals have declared environmental jihad on Jones, and engaged in a smear campaign of epic proportions on her Facebook page. They’ve attacked her on every front, and even gone as far as wishing her dead for doing what she loves.

The typical comment on one of her photos reads “There is nothing honorable in what you are doing. You are human piece of excrement.,” or something of the like.

There’s a Change.org petition with nearly 50,000 signatures demanding her page be removed from Facebook as well. Also, in a status update earlier this afternoon, she said that because of the insanity of the people who have come to her page, she’s started another one as a backup called Support Kendall.

Looks like that tolerant attitude is really shining through here.

Love her or hate her, Jones is getting massive amounts of exposure from the liberals’ outrage, which seems to happen quite often. Perhaps instead of complaining about things they don’t like they should just not open their mouth.

Texas Cheerleader Under Fire From Animal Rights Activists For Hunting Photos On Facebook

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