Ted Cruz Takes Eric Holder To Task Over IRS Scandal, Threatens Impeachment

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As Ted Cruz points out, if this were a Republican administration that had appointed a Republican to investigate the targeting of Democratic organizations, the liberal media would be having a field day. But alas, that isn’t the case and the corruption within Obama’s government runs rampant.

Cruz recently lamented Attorney General Eric Holder:

“If this were a Republican administration, every media outlet would have banner headlines every single day. If the allegation is of abusive government power at the IRS, to target citizens for their political beliefs, then you cannot entrust the investigation to a partisan whose political interest is protecting the party in power.”

That sentiment seems incredibly obvious, though Obama and Holder apparently don’t think so.

Thank goodness Ted Cruz is standing up for what is right in this situation instead of sidestepping to allow the Democrats to have their way. We need more politicians like Cruz in Washington.

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H/T: Western Journalism

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