Megyn Kelly SLAMS Idiot Liberal Sandra Fluke Over Ignorant Comments

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On Monday night Fox’s Megyn Kelly laid into the infamous liberal twit Sandra Fluke while on the O’Reilly Factor over her ignorant reaction to the Supreme Court ruling on the contraception mandate.

O’Reilly played a clip of Fluke while she was on the Chris Matthew’s MSNBC show Monday night, where she described the decision as an attempt to restrict women’s access to healthcare. She said “What this is really about at its base is trying to figure out as many ways as possible to limit women’s access to reproductive healthcare.”

Kelly, never one to mince words, almost immediately went after just how ridiculous Fluke sounded by saying that, as you’ll see above.

Go ahead and watch it then let us know what you think.

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[H/T: DailyCaller]

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