Liberals Up In Arms Over Christian-Based 4th of July Celebration

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Sheriff Julian Whittington of Bossier Parish, Louisiana, is gearing up for his second annual 4th of July celebration and it has the Left up in arms. Of course, they’re not offended for any logical reasons, as usual. This time, the liberals have gotten their panties in a wad because Whittington plans to have patriotic music and prayer at his faith-based celebration. The horror!

Now, the logical solution here would be for these leftists to simply not attend the event if they are offended by it. But that would make far too much sense for these looney tunes.

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Whittington’s “In God We Trust” rally will not be funded by any public monies, but still, American Civil Liberties Union Executive Director, Marjorie Esman found a platform to complain about. She ranted:

“If the event is held on sheriff’s property, then by definition it is a public event that sends a message of government endorsement of Christianity. The building is paid for by public funds, and maintained by public funds. If the religious messages are overtly Christian and suggest that Christianity is better than other religions, and if there is a link to public funding or support, this would overstep the law. In any event, it sends a message to Bossier residents who do not adhere to Christianity that they are less than equal and not worthy of support by their sheriff.”

Good grief. Something tells me Ms. Esman wouldn’t be so upset if it was a bunch of Muslims who were planning to gather on our nation’s Independence Day to denounce all the infidels in our traditionally God-fearring country.

The Left is quick to embrace the freedoms and liberties which the United States boasts, but they hate admitting that they are afforded such because of the Constitution which our Christian founding fathers put in place. Give these libtards a piece of your mind in the comments section and say a little prayer that Sheriff Whittington’s 4th of July party goes off without a hitch.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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