Sheriff Joe Proposes Drinks With Mexico’s President In Order To Solve Border Crisis

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The Democrats have completely ruined whatever shred of border security we once had and the illegal immigration epidemic is getting exponentially worse under Obama’s reign. If there’s one person who will actually tell it like it is and do what needs to be done, it’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He is now calling for the United States military to intervene on the border crisis.

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Sheriff Joe described his no-nonsense approach to the border situation:

“If we are worried about the danger, then I would send the military across the border, work with their military bilaterally and get the job done. That’s what I would do and we’d clean up this mess. Of course, you have to get the Mexican president to OK it. I would just go in there and have a few drinks with him and get the job done.”

Arpaio isn’t the first person to acknowledge that the border crisis has gotten severely out of hand and drastic measures need to be taken at this point. A bill has already been drafted that would bring in the National Guard and private citizens have even formed a militia to guard the border in their states against illegals attempting to cross. Now, Arpaio says it’s time to bring in the heavy artillery.

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What do you think of Sheriff Joe’s approach to the situation? Is it way too old-fashioned? Or is it just what we need to start gaining some headway on the border crisis? Sound off in the comments section!

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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