Police Find ‘Sniper Nest,’ According To Media, What They Really Found Is Entirely Different

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Police in Chicago have discovered what many in the media have been describing as a “sniper nest” that was within shooting distance of a college campus, however according to the police that description couldn’t be further off.

According to TheBlaze, WFLD-TV reported that officials found a “high-powered semi-automatic rifle” roughly a block away from the campus of Kennedy King College last Thursday. Police said that they then found the nest on top of a garage that was across the street from a soccer field at the school.

However according to TheBlaze, officers didn’t find a rifle at the scene, it was a loaded Mac-10 submachine gun.

“I’m not sure why they are calling it a sniper’s nest, it was a machine gun, not a rifle,” Officer Mike Sullivan, Chicago Police Department spokesman, told TheBlaze.

A Mac-10 is much different than a high powered semi-automatic rifle that was being reported by the media in Chicago, which Sullivan said they should look up the difference between the two before reporting on them.

“They are very different,” he said.

The find was apparently related to gang activity in the area, which police said there has been an ongoing conflict between two rivals. Sullivan said that they’re still investigating the incident, but “don’t have any suspects, really don’t have any other details as of now.”

This should serve as a lesson to people that the media will hype a story up in order to inflict fear and panic in the public. It’s truly sad that the anti-gun crowd has to resort to lies and distortions in order to push their agenda.

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[H/T: TheBlaze]

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