ISIS Releases Video Mocking Obama

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The Islamic State (TIS), the new state stemming from the ISIS controlled regions of Iraq and Syria, has released a video taunting the United States as the caliphate tries to reclaim the Iraqi city of Tikrit. The Sunni dominated city fell early on to the ISIS, and Iraqi military forces have been working to reclaim the city since Saturday.

The ISIS has so far defended itself against the attacks, but experts say that the Iraqi military forces have a good chance of gaining control of the city once again very soon. The Iraqi military has already regained control of the University in the city. An Iraqi military spokesman named Qassim al-Moussawi told Al-Jazeera on Sunday that “The battle has several stages. It is a matter of time before we declare the total clearing (of Tikrit).”

According to TIS released a video via the Gateway Pundit showing various ISIS members raising their flag over a former military base.  The narrator, Abu Saffiya, makes various demeaning statements about the Iraqi military, saying “they are nothing but cowards.”

As the video is about to end, another ISIS soldier looks at the camera and asks “Yo Obama, did you bring enough diapers for your soldiers?” Laughter is then heard in the background as the ISIS mockingly dares the United States to interfere.

The ISIS is already planning to expand their reach as some of their suicide bombers strike parts of Lebanon.  It will be interesting to see how the actions of this young caliphate will effect the situation in the Middle East.  We can only wait and see what response, if any, Obama and his administration will have to this video mocking our country.

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