University Bans Gun Rights Club

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The liberal education system is at it again with their assault on the Second Amendment. This time, a University in Virginia Beach has banned a gun rights club because they’re afraid that it could change the campus concealed carry policy. So basically, those pansy liberals are afraid of the power that the rest of us who actually respect the Constitution have.

Patrick Winslow wanted to start a club about the Second Amendment at ECPI, but he has been met with heavy resistance from school authorities because, “it does not correlate to program enhancement or community service”. In other words, it doesn’t further their leftist agenda.

Winslow explained:

“I have now taken on an effort to want to educate the students and the faculty on the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, federal and state laws regarding gun control and gun laws and so forth.”

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Since his club was banned, Winslow has received an outpouring of support from the pro-gun community. Philip Van Cleave, from Virginia Citizens Defense League, commented on how hypocritical the University’s decision was, especially being that they offer a criminal justice program:

“It’s a group that would be meeting and talking about the Constitution, the Second Amendment and so forth, and they basically said that’s not a public service. You would hope doing the criminal justice system, they would understand what the Second Amendment is, but maybe they don’t.”

This is certainly not the first report of an entity within the higher education community making such a bogus and hypocritical decision. Does it surprise you at this point? Let us know in the comments section!

H/T: Campus Reform

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