Feminazi Columnist Calls For ‘F**k-In’ At Hobby Lobby To Protest SCOTUS Ruling

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Only in the mind of a liberal feminist would an idea like coordinating a “f*ck-in” at a religiously-based company be an appropriate form of protest for a Supreme Court decision. That’s exactly what a columnist for the Guardian called for after hearing the decision read today by Justice Samuel Alito.

After penning a scathing review of the court’s decision, Jessica Valenti took to Twitter to make an outrageous suggestion, you know because tolerance and all.

Valenti penned a piece titled “The Hobby Lobby ruling proves men of the law still can’t get over ‘immoral’ women having sex,” which as you would expect is full of useless feminist drivel. She doesn’t believe that the court’s decision was about religious freedom at all, but rather about whether or not women can have sex “as freely” as men do, since promiscuity is so empowering.

There’s no doubt that liberals across the country will continue with their incessant whining about women’s rights somehow being tied to whether or not their employer should have to pay for their contraception. All we can do is sit back and enjoy the show.

After all, all these liberal tears make excellent lubrication for our assault rifles.


‘F**k You!’ ‘Tolerant’ Liberals Want To Burn Down Hobby Lobby After SCOTUS Win

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