EPIC FAIL: New York Residents Purely Defiant During Gun Buyback Program

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Ever since the SAFE Act was passed in New York, residents in the state have pushed back against the government and refused to comply with the draconian laws that were forced upon them. On Saturday, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman promoted a gun buyback program in Binghamton that was a complete and total failure, reflecting the true frame of mind of New Yorkers upset with their rights being stripped from them.

The program offered pre-paid credit cards in exchange for unwanted or unlicensed firearms, no questions asked. However the event was upstaged by gun activists who offered fair market value in cash, causing only 30 firearms in total to be turned in, of which the majority were broken BB and pellet guns.

Just goes to show you that most people are more than willing to stand up to tyranny, which is what the residents of New York have been subjected to under the rule of the Cuomo regime.

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[H/T: PatriotPost]

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