Chicago Muslims OUTRAGED Over… Perfume?


June 30, 2014 10:24am PST

The news has been bombarded with stories of beheadings, crucifixions, and other horrific acts by the radical Islamists taking over the Middle East which has many outraged. So one group of Muslims from Chicago decided that in the wake of these atrocities they’re going to take to the streets and protest, but they didn’t demonstrate against the actions against their fellow religious fanatics.

No, they protested against perfume. Yeah, perfume. They’re upset with an Italian perfume maker who uses a symbol on their products that’s similar to what Sufi Muslims use to depict their god, Allah, and came out in force on Sunday to let the world know, priorities right?

The symbol is found on the “Just Cavalli” line from designer perfume manufacturer Roberto Cavalli, and they believe it reeks of insensitivity and is an affront to their faith. The prostest over the weekend is apparently part of a global effort to pressure Cavalli into removing the symbol from his products, even though the European Trademark Commission has licensed it and sided with Cavalli in saying that the two symbols aren’t similar enough to warrant rejecting his trademark on it.

According to the Chicago TribuneNasim Bahadorani, a Sufi student from California who helped organize the Chicago demonstration said that Cavalli’s use of the symbol is “insulting.”

“When you rotate such a symbol, the meaning does not change,” she said. “It still spells out, ‘God.’ When he’s using it tattooed on naked models … he’s literally saying this is a sign of sin and it represents lust.

“You can only imagine how outrageously insulting this is to us.”

So remember folks, with the widespread violence being perpetrated by Muslims across the globe, we need to take notice that a perfume manufacturer has an offensive symbol on their products.

We’ll just go ahead and ignore everything else, sound good?

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