Prankster’s Video Goes Viral, But Not For The Reason You Think

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Omar Gosh has a YouTube channel which he uses to post videos of himself pulling pranks in an attempt to go viral. But it was a video of him performing an incredibly humanitarian act that actually went viral recently.

Two weeks ago, Omar posted a video of him giving some unsuspecting homeless people in Florida new shoes. Since it was uploaded, the clip has received more than two million views.

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As Omar points out, the homeless do a ton of walking, since they typically have no vehicle or means of transportation. While this is the case, no one usually thinks to gift them with a brand new pair of shoes or socks. Watch the heartwarming reactions of these destitute people when they are given just that. It is sure to remind you of the things which you take for granted on a daily basis.

Omar is right when he says that we rarely even give a second thought to putting on a new pair of shoes in the morning, but to the homeless, that very thing was probably the best moment of their entire week, month, or even year.

The lesson here is that what the world needs is not another meaningless prank video. People are drawn to this story because of it’s selfless message. We all need to be a little more giving and thankful for the things we have. Give a shout out to Omar in the comments section and tell him to keep up the good work!

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