Pelosi’s Daughter: ‘There’s No Way You Can Secure The Border’

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Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, sat down with MSNBC to discuss her upcoming documentary, “Citizen U.S.A.”. She also took some time during the segment to discuss her ridiculous views on immigration.

Pelosi told MSNBC’s Richard Lui:

“I think there is no way we can secure the border. I think that politicians say that so we can sleep at night … there is no way we can prevent these people from coming. You have to come up with better solutions than building a fence, cause that’s just a fairy tale solution.”

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Her reasoning behind this absurd assertion is that the Mexican people are so destitute that they will risk anything and everything to get into the United States.

Filmmaker Pelosi’s newest effort is sure to be filled with tons of barf-worthy liberal agenda. Feel free to give her a piece of your mind in the comments section!

H/T: Daily Caller

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