Proof Racism Against White People Exists: Black Panther Says He’ll Kill White Babies

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If people really sought to end racism, they would turn to groups like this who perpetuate the notion that they’re being held down by “crackas,” as it was so eloquently put. Rest assured that if a white person were to make such comments about black people that it would be the end of their life in the public’s eye as they know it, yet this type of hateful rhetoric is not only allowed, but embraced by many.

For people to deny that there isn’t racism against white people in America is to bury their head in the sand. The problem is that while there’s many instances just like what you see above captured on video, the mainstream media remains silent on the issue and instead will only ever report when a white person says something even remotely racist.

Racial sensitivity goes both ways, and the double standard in our country regarding racism is sickening. What makes it worse is the blind eye that’s turned to vitriolic rants like what you just watched, giving the biggest promoters of hate a free pass even tough they’re the people responsible for not allowing thoughtful discussion.

They want equality? Why doesn’t somebody tell them that they’re equally expected to keep their racist views to themselves?

Absolutely disgusting.

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