Man Runs Over Grandma In Front Of Her Horrified Grandson

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23-year-old Dewey Green was driving from Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia, last Wednesday when he went completely crazy behind the wheel and rammed into another car. Green was en route to visit his girlfriend when he seemingly went nuts for no apparent reason and began to repeatedly ram the car in front of him.


Dewey Green, 23. Police have not identified a motive for his attack.

In the vehicle Green hit, were 53-year-old Janice Pitts, her daughter, and her 4-year-old grandson. After Green stopped ramming Pitts’ vehicle, she got out to asses the damage. That’s when Green pinned her in between their two cars, crushing her.


Janice Pitts, 53, was a two-time breast cancer survivor.

Iesha Davis, Pitts’ daughter, described the horrifying moment that Green pinned her mother with his car:

“I’m banging on the window, ‘Please, you’re crushing my mom, you’re crushing my mom. Please, you’re crushing my mom.’ He wouldn’t look at me, he kept his face straight and kept his foot down on the gas.”

After Green pinned Pitts between his car and her SUV, he backed up, then accelerated and ran over Pitts’ body, killing her. He made an attempt to flee the scene, but horrified witnesses surrounded his truck and did not allow him to leave.

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Davis told a local news outlet of the ordeal:

“After that, I just completely lost it. I don’t understand why. I don’t understand why. We were just at the light. She was just taking me to work like it was any other day. I’ll never ever get the image of my mom’s lifeless body lying on the pavement and the man ran her over like she was nothing.”

It is being reported that Green was drunk at the time of the incident. His innocent victim was a two-time breast cancer survivor.


Being intoxicated is not an excuse for killing someone, as was clearly Green’s intention when he ran over Pitts. Her daughter and grandson are lucky to have escaped with their lives, but they will undoubtedly have the gruesome memory of witnessing their beloved family member die for the rest of their lives.

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H/T: NY Daily News

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