What This Trucker Did to A Cop Will Have You Laughing Out Loud

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An Illinois truck driver showed us all how quickly the attitude of an officer can change once they find out they’re being recorded.

Brian Miner was pulled over last week by an Illinois State Trooper after he honked his horn at the officer for speeding by him while on his cell phone. Miner recorded the stop, and once the officer found out that the entire interaction was being recorded he sang a completely different tune.

“I pulled you over – the horn, I don’t know what that was about,” the officer said to Miner.

“Because you were speeding and had your cellphone in your hand,” Miner replied, explaining why he honked his horn at the officer.

“Police officers can actually use technology when they’re driving,” said the officer.

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“Oh, so you guys are above the law?” Miner asked.

The two had a brief exchange, with the officer asking Miner how he could be sure that he had exceeded the speed limit.

“You passed me! How fast were you driving? Are you above the speed limit as well?” Miner said while explaining he had his cruise control set to 65 mph.

The officer didn’t back down and said there was no reason for Miner to have blown his horn at him, even after Miner exclaimed that he passed him “going well over 70.”

“There was a good reason to,” Miner said. “You were speeding, it’s wet roads. You were speeding with a cellphone in your hand.”

The officer didn’t seem to care what Miner had to say, then told him that he was issuing him a ticket for “unlawful use of horn.”

This is when Miner flipped the situation on the officer, and pointed the camera on his dashboard at him.

“By the way, you’re being recorded,” he told the officer.

“Yeah, so are you,” the officer shot back in a defiant tone.

The officer asked how many driving hours he had left for the day, then again asked why Miner honked his horn at him.

After a brief exchange, the officer returned to his cruiser to check Miner’s license and registration. When he returned to the truck he had a completely different attitude.

“I didn’t write you a ticket,” he told Miner. “I didn’t want to hurt your record.”

He also told Miner that he performed a vehicle inspection and didn’t find any violations, “So that should look good for your company,” he told Miner.

“I understand you using the horn,” he said remorsefully.

“Honestly, I wasn’t paying attention to my speed. Either way, you were just trying to help me out – help me drive safely, I understand that.”

“We’re all out here sharing the same road,” said Miner. “You should be held accountable to the same standards I am.”

The officer did agree with him, but said he wasn’t sure of his speed and that he couldn’t remember if he was on the phone or not.

“Enjoy that violation-free MCS inspection,” the officer said.

When the officer went back to his vehicle, Miner turned the camera on himself and said, “And that’s what happens when they know you’re recording.”

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