Fox News Anchor Gets Inappropriate Over Co-Worker’s Bikini Body

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Fox News anchor Greg Kelly got a bit carried away when he saw co-worker Anna Gilligan in a bikini during a segment on the re-opening of a local water park. Gilligan disrobed on camera in order to try out one of the poplar attractions at the water park and Kelly had a hay day with her very attractive body.


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Gilligan made a comment about being nervous not only to try the ride, but also to strip down to a bikini on camera, and Kelly’s comments just made it all the more awkward for her. When she climbed out of the water, Kelly remarked:

“First of all, nice bathing suit.”


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At one point, Kelly’s co-host attempted to reign him in, saying:

“Be nice and stop milking this shot.”

What makes all of this even more disconcerting is the fact that Kelly has been in the spotlight for rape allegations, though he was cleared of all charges back in 2012. You would think that someone with that history would leave well enough alone when it comes to workplace sexual harassment.


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Social media blew up with users berating Kelly for his comments towards Gilligan, except for one person who applauded him for displaying “heterosexual behavior”.

Watch the clip and let us know what you think of Kelly’s inappropriate remarks in the comments section!

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