DISGUSTING: Bill Maher Completely Disrespects The Constitution

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Most every conservative knows who Bill Maher is, a loudmouth, rabid liberal who thinks he’s smarter than the world as he preaches to a crowd of lemmings. On Friday night during a segment of his show “Real Time.” Maher took a disgusting shot at the Tea Party, showing us all just how the left thinks about our nation’s founding documents.

Maher ran a mock commercial for a product called “Defends,” which is supposedly an adult diaper for Tea Party members.

“How many times has this happened to you?” Maher asked. “You’re in a prolonged shoot-out with tyrannical government forces of the New World Order when — whoops! — you’ve got to go. And you can’t reload, and unload, at the same time. Until now!”

After that, Maher presented his audience with “Defends: the first adult diaper made specifically for tea baggers.” He boasted that they come complete with the preamble to the Constitution printed on them, and that they come in “small, medium and George Zimmerman,” adding that they would be perfect for Ted Cruz’s next filibuster.

“Defends: Because our movement shouldn’t be sidetracked by yours.”

With people like this in America, it’s no wonder our society is going to hell and nobody respects the constitutional principles that made our nation great. It’s absolutely appalling that the left has such utter contempt for the rule of law, and will do whatever they can in order to discredit those of us who disagree with them.

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