Woman Snagged At Checkpoint Trying To Smuggle A POUND Of Meth In Her Vagina

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A woman was caught at a checkpoint trying to smuggle a pound of methamphetamine into the country in her vagina.

According to OpposingViews, an American citizen by the name of Claudia Ibarra was trying to get into the country through the port of entry in San Luis on Tuesday. While at the checkpoint, one of the Customs and Border Patrol agents noticed that she appeared very nervous and she was singled out for a pat down.

The 31-year-old woman was brought to a secured room and patted her down, that’s when officers noticed something strange. During the process one of the officers had seen a piece of a broken condom somewhere on her body.

Agents then asked her to remove both her pants and her underwear, to which she complied. At that point, one of the officers was “able to see a piece of plastic protruding from her groin area,” according to the complaint.

She allegedly admitted to having the stash of drugs in her vagina after their discovery.

According to reports, officers at the checkpoint were unable to remove the package of methamphetamine from inside her so she was taken to a Yuma hospital. Doctors were able to successfully remove the package from her body, and discovered it to weight exactly one pound.

Ibarra was arrested and charged for with two federal crimes related to drug trafficking.

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