IRS Commissioner Said Taxpayers Can Use The ‘Lerner Defense’ Should They Be Audited

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Thursday night, the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, John Koskinen, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that there are many taxpayers who are more than confused by his agency’s conduct. They apparently would like to use the same excuses the IRS did when requests for old documents are made by the daunting agency.

According to Koskinen, the “Lerner Defense,” as it will more than likely become named, is and has been accepted by America’s largest bureaucracy.

According to Mediaite, during the interview a Twitter user sent in a question to Koskinen that Blitzer ended up reading on air. They asked, “Why shouldn’t tax payers use the crashed hard drive excuse when undergoing an IRS audit?”

This is when the bologna started spewing from Koskinen, whose arrogant nature was on display during last week’s congressional hearings regarding the IRS deliberately targeting Tea Party organizations.

“Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Act” Allows Taxpayers To Use The Same Excuses As The IRS

 “A number of them have already done that, and the question has been ‘Is there a dual standard?’” Koskinen said.

“We, historically – if a taxpayer has lost electronic records – have said ‘If you have other indications and evidence of what went on, we’ll take that from you,’” he continued. “If you lose a document, it doesn’t mean you lose the argument.”

Koskinen went further and said, “We actually work with taxpayers to say, ‘We’ll look at other evidence,’ like the 24,000 emails [he’s referencing the emails submitted to Congress here].”

Koskinen said that the IRS “will support you” and that we shouldn’t “have any problem” if taxpayers try to pull the same lame excuse as the IRS did with the investigation into the agency’s behaviors.

Koskinen also backtracked from his previous position saying that he didn’t owe the American people an apology for the manner in which the IRS treated taxpayers and behaved throughout the investigation.

“The improper criteria used to highlight organizations for investigation just by their name was a mistake,” he said. “I apologize to anybody who ever had their applications held up needlessly. Everybody needs to be confident that the IRS is going to treat them fairly no matter who they are. Republicans, Democrats, whatever organization they belong to. So it’s a serious matter.”

I honestly wouldn’t ever suggest trying to use the same excuses the IRS did if you get audited. More than likely you would end up being nailed to the wall.

So what do you think, is it too little too late at this point? Sound off with a comment!

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