EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: Deep Internet Offers Disturbing Look Into The Darkest Corners Of Reality

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For many people, finding gore is something we usually stay away from, but for the select few, they can’t get enough. Now, it’s been around for quite some time, but it’s a little lesser known because of its nature, but there’s a place called the deep internet that is sure to intrigue those into the darker side of reality.

We, as a species, generally don’t enjoy worrying ourselves with other’s problems and often live in selfish, head-in-the-sand type states. Instead of acknowledging the evil in the world, we’d rather just ignore it and pretend that it simply doesn’t exist.


This however, isn’t how things work as those who wish to act in vulgar and heinous ways despite the majority of the population being aware of such – in fact, some would rather you didn’t know. Letting those inquisitive minds, daring enough to enter, discover the world in which we truly live is the deep internet – specifically a site called Sea Kitten Palace.

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A place where nothing is off the table for viewing and anything can be uploaded – and that which has been banned from the United States is highly encouraged. Everything from present day slavery, to suicides and the most gruesome of murders is contained in the deep web and ready for downloading.

To get there is rather tricky and requires a bit of computer know how but can be easily navigated to with proper instruction. First users must download an internet browser known as Tor – a program dedicated to anonymity and guarantees you will not be tracked nor your browser history monitored.


Once that is done, users simply type in http://wtwfzc6ty2s6x4po.onion/ into the URL box, and off they go to Sea Kitten Palace. Once there, they will be introduced to a slew of torrents (downloadable content) of an entirely new variety.

Everything from police interactions with dangerous criminals that have been banned from the U.S. because of their graphic nature, to people being recorded jumping to their demise from the Golden Gate Bridge.


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Even more graphic video is shown as people are killed in cold blood, and images decomposing bodies are littered throughout the site for maximum effect. The deep web is a place you don’t accidentally wind up visiting nor should it as it shows, without censor, people dying in the most horrendous ways ever thought possible.


The deep internet surly is a dark and disturbing place, and only those who know, with absolute certainty that they can come back from such atrocities are encouraged to visit. Sea Kitten Palace is not meant for the weak of heart, nor is it meant for those easily traumatized as it will scar you with images you probably will never forget for the rest of your days.

If you think you can handle it, follow the instructions listed above and you will make your way there, but caution is urged as you have been warned. For those of you unsure, please turn away now as there is no coming back once you pass through these doors.


What do you guys think – is this something even remotely intriguing? Did you go to the deep internet? Let us know in the comments below.

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