Half The Nation Calling For “Convention of the States” To Stop Obama

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Between the almost countless scandals consuming the current administration and Obama’s ever growing display of constant overreach, it seems that just about half the country is entirely fed up with Obama’s lawlessness. As it stands, 22 states have already called for, and passed a resolution in favor of, a “convention of the states,” while another 7 are currently in the process of hopping on board.

If anything Obama has displayed his utmost lack of care when it comes to the U.S. Constitution and the power limits of his office acting more as a dictator to enact what he wants, when he wants. In an effort to reel in the out-of-control Commander-in-Chief, many states are calling for a little more definition be added to the Constitution in order to more clearly outline Obama’s Presidential abilities.

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Mr. pen and phone isn’t going to be happy as The Blaze explains:

Already, 22 state legislatures have passed resolutions supporting a convention to pass a balanced budget amendment through both chambers, according to the State Government Leadership Foundation, which is spearheading the Demand Balance Now initiative. Meanwhile, five states passed such legislation in one of their legislative chambers during this year’s legislative session.

Furthermore, another 7 are in the process of passing resolutions making the grand total to be somewhere around 29. What’s even better yet is that an Article V convention of the states takes 34 states, or 2/3 the nation, to be in agreement on the matter leaving just five more to go.

As long as Obama keeps on acting just as he has thus far, that should be in no time as the scandals continue to keep piling on. What do you guys think of this – is this a necessary step needed to be taken by Americans with a president like Obama? Let us know in the comments below.

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