Das Rasis: High School Bans The Word ‘Redskins’ From School Newspaper

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In an act of complete idiocy a Pennsylvania high school has voted to severely restrict how often the word “Redskins” can be printed in the student newspaper because the editors think it’s racist. But here’s the funny part – it’s the name of their sports team and their mascot. Dumb, right?

The DailyCaller reports that Neshaminy High School near Philadelphia has been debating on whether or not to ban the writing of the name of its own sports team since October of last year. Back then, the student editors of the Playwickian deemed the term racist and banned their writers from using it in the paper.

In a show of common sense, albeit only for a short time, a month later the principal of the school reversed the ban and said that it violated the First Amendment rights of others. However the students resisted the principal and stood by their claim that the name of their mascot and sports team is racist.

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The debate caused a law firm to get involved to represent the students. Since it didn’t appear as if the issue was going away any time soon, the school board decided that it was going to put the issue to a vote at some point.

Now according to the Associated Press, political correctness won the day and on Thursday the board of overly whiny bureaucrats voted to severely regulate the use of the word “Redskins” in the school’s newspaper. As a result of the 8-1 vote, the team’s name and mascot will be used as little as possible in the paper, more specifically in the news section.

Nothing implores students to rally behind their school or their sports team like refusing to print any news about them because a small group of students doesn’t  like the name. In a victory for political correctness, the First Amendment was once again trampled upon by overzealous bureaucrats forcing their ideology down other people’s throats.

Go team!

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