House to Financially Punish Eric Holder for Crimes

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As we all know, justice isn’t blind here in America as political agenda has infected that which was supposed to be unbiased. As a result, the House has since announced that they will be attempting to defund Attorney General Eric Holder for abusing the power of his office and the crimes he’s committed while holding the position of authority.

It’s come to light over the years that corruption is running rampant under the current administration as everyone acts in self interest of their own personal agenda. The same can be said for Holder who has been allowed to do so, so long as he helps Obama pursue his own – after all, it’s much easier to commit illegalities when the law looks the other way.

Currently, Holder is seeking to aide Obama in gifting criminals who break our nation’s laws with citizenship and it’s about the last offense any American can stand. As a result of his less-than-thought-out actions, Republican Representative Frank Wolf of Virginia has announced his intent to cut off funds to the Attorney General’s office until he feels like complying with the law.

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Despite the several scandals in which the AG’s office seems either too lazy to deal with or adamant on looking the other way, Wolf explains:

There are still 25 outstanding reports and briefings from the FY 2013 bill, and that doesn’t include any of the additional reports directed in the FY 2014 bill, which was subsequently signed into law earlier this year. There are already 18 reports in the FY 2014 bill that are overdue to the committee.

With a workforce of more than 100,000 employees, I know that the department certainly has the capacity to provide the directed reports. What is lacking is the will to be responsive to the Congress on the part of the department’s leadership. That is what I find particularly disappointing.

Today, I am announcing a new policy that these overdue reports will no longer be tolerated by the committee. When our FY 2015 bill is marked up this spring, I intend to withhold $1 million for every overdue report from the FY 2013 and FY 2014 bills. The funds will be provided instead to agencies in this bill that comply with reporting requirements. With the current backlog of 43 reports, this could be a significant reduction in funds for the department. But you have now been given fair warning that these overdue reports will now be taken into account when the subcommittee determines your budget.

So what do you guys think – will Wolf be able to pull this off? After all, intent is only as good as the reality it becomes in the future.

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