5-Year-Old Forced To Sign ‘Sexual Misconduct’ Form After Bully Forces Him to Pull Pants Down

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An Arizona boy has gotten a label that will stay on his record for the next 12 years after a bully on the playground forced him to pull his pants and underwear down.

According to 3TV, the boy’s mother said that in April her son was on the playground at his school, Ashton Ranch Elementary, when he was approached by another student and told to pull his pants down or the student would do it for him. Eric Lopez complied with the student’s wishes, and pulled both his pants and underwear down in front of several other students.

Teachers saw what happened, then dragged Erica Martinez’s son off to the principal’s office and forced him to sign a document labeling his actions as “sexual misconduct.” Eric received detention as his punishment and his mother wasn’t notified until after the fact.

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“He’s a 5-year-old,” Martinez said, angrily. “He does not know right from wrong yet.”

Martinez says that she’s trying to appeal the decision of the school to place the label on his permanent record. However the school claims that it followed proper procedure for the incident.

“My son is not a sexualized minor,” Martinez said.

Under the rules of Dysart Unified School District, indecent exposure is labeled as a form of sexual misconduct. While the school is required to present the student with the accusations, they’re not required to inform the parents unless the student specifically asks for them to be present.

Martinez said that her son had no idea that he could have asked for her to be present. She also said that the only reason he signed the paper is because administrators told him that he had to.

Now she’s pushing to have the language removed from Eric’s file, or at least amended to exclude the term “sexual misconduct,” for obvious reasons.

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[H/T: 3TV]

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