Obama Mocks Michelle’s Food Standards, Wolfs Down Cookies And Ice Cream Instead


June 27, 2014 7:59am PST

While traveling with his press corps on Thursday, Obama tried to soften them up by offering to treat them all to an ice cream cone during a stop at an ice cream parlor in Minnesota. While he was gobbling up a frozen snack he also managed to take a cheap shot at his wife’s healthy food mandate.

They stopped at the Grand Ole Creamery, which is a chain in the Twin Cities, after Obama stopped at the Golden Fig to meet the owner who had sent him a letter.

“Press, you guys want some? On me. No? Is that unethical?” he asked the reporters who accompanied him. “I’m trying to soften you up.”

The President reminisced of how one of his first jobs was scooping ice cream at a local Baskin Robbins, to which the employees at the shop groaned.

“No, the point is that my first job was scooping ice cream,” Obama said. “One of you might be president.”

While chowing down on a scoop of Black Hills Gold ice cream in a waffle cone, Obama took a cheap shot at his wife’s healthy heating crusade.

“This is the kind of store you want to pop into,” Obama said. “They don’t let me do this stuff anymore. I used to be able to do this stuff.”

The President then stocked up on a bunch of sweets before departing for his next stop.

He had best hope Michelle doesn’t find out he was mocking her nutritional standards, or he’ll be getting an ass whooping when he gets home.

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[H/T: TheHill]


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