Iraq War Veteran Gives NY Town Council EPIC Smackdown Over SAFE Act

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In the wake of the shootings in Sandy Hook, the New York State legislature passed the nation’s strictest gun control measures to date with what is known as the SAFE Act. The law has sparked outrage amongst freedom-loving New Yorkers who feel that it goes too far in infringing their natural rights outlined in the Second Amendment, and many counties have passed resolutions speaking their opposition to it.

Aaron Weiss s an Iraq war veteran who lives in Dutchess County, and when the council had a meeting about whether or not it was going to pass a resolution against it, he let them know what was on his mind. Weiss delivered an epic statement calling out the members of the commission for the cowards they are and highlighting the hypocrisy behind their push for gun control.

It’s not a very long statement, but it’s without a doubt brilliantly written and perfectly delivered. It was also met with a massive round of applause by his follow residents tired of being pushed around by their government.

Go ahead and watch it then let us know what you think!

New SAFE Act Allows For Legal Gun Confiscation

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