Alan Colmes: ‘Conservatives Basically Want To Have Sex With The Constitution’

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The things that liberals will let fly out of their mouths these days are quite remarkable. They never cease to amaze, and this little gem is no exception to that rule.

Although we really shouldn’t get too surprised anymore when the Left makes bogus accusations, this one really takes the cake. Flaming liberal Alan Colmes recently said that, “Conservatives basically want to have sex with the constitution”. Apparently, the fact that we conservatives respect the values which our country was founded on, indicates that we desire to fornicate with the Constitution. Sigh.

During a Tuesday segment of the Alan Colmes Show, a caller expressed his dismay that Colmes has virtually ignored the IRS scandal altogether. To this Colmes replied:

“I think it’s mismanagement, I don’t think it’s a scandal. This was because… a lack of funding so the IRS could not get up-to-date equipment. They’re using antiquated equipment and they’ve lost data. Republicans try to make everything a scandal.”

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Not to be deterred, the caller questioned why Lois Lerner would plead the fifth so as not to incriminate herself if there was no scandal. And that’s when Colmes went right off the deep end:

“You know it’s funny to me that conservatives talk about how much they love the Constitution but when somebody exercises their constitutional rights they’re declared guilty when they’re not supposed to be. Simply because of the Fifth Amendment. Does invoking the Fifth Amendment indicate guilt? I mean, I love how conservatives always tell me how much they love and admire and basically want to have sex with the Constitution –- except they’d probably get paper cuts with that old parchment paper -– but when somebody actually exercises their constitutional rights, it’s a big problem.”

Now, if a Conservative had made this same comment about liberals, it would be all over the news. Of course since that wasn’t the case, it has been largely ignored. No surprise there.

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