Obama Asked To Run Third Term, You Won’t Believe His Response


June 26, 2014 2:46pm PST

Although there have been rumors of Obama contemplating a third term, we as American’s know it’s not constitutionally legal – right? Apparently not everyone knows that as Obama was recently asked during a recent town hall meeting if he would shoot for yet another term in office.

Surprisingly, Obama announced that he would not being running alongside Hillary Clinton during the upcoming race. Oddly enough, Obama also added that it’s not only the Constitution holding him back from going through with yet another 4 year stint in the White House, but something even a bit more unsettling.

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“Not only the Constitution bars it, but Michelle bars it — and you can’t change Michelle’s mind,” Obama stated.

Now be easy on the Liberal fool who decided it was a good question in the first place as apparently a rumor – led on by a satirical site – had stirred up quite the response. Despite the false facts being spewed by the National Report, the story went viral – so much in fact that it prompted an article from PolitiFact in order to debunk the myth.

What do you guys think – if Michelle wasn’t stopping Obama (which is arguably incredibly fearsome in and of itself) would he try to defy the laws of the Constitution and run for a third term? After all, it wouldn’t be a first time he’s defied our forefathers, right?


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