Liberals Release Conservative Business “Hit List” To Sever Political Donations

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You really don’t think twice when it comes to going clothes shopping, or grabbing a bite to eat, which side of the aisle management leans. It seems that now, in an effort to limit political donations, Liberals have come forward with a Conservative business “hit list” for left leaning consumers to avoid.

The list is the product of Think Progress– an obviously progressive (and thus left leaning) group – who have put forward all those dastardly companies that donated to those wearing the wrong color tie. Furthermore, they suggest that those politically involved, and wishing to deploy maximum damage on the GOP, to stay away from the companies that make the list.

You know what they say about the best laid plans though.

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As it turns out, some of the companies that made the list are some of the biggest retailers that surely don’t discriminate where the money’s coming from. Take a peek at just some of those that made the list and you may see why this may not work out so well for Think Progress:

White Castle


Donated $25,000 to the Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC.

Marriot Hotels


Donated $1,000,000 to Mitt Romney’s Super PAC Restore Our Future

Angel Soft, Brawny, Dixie And Georgia Pacific


All subsidiaries of the evil Koch Brothers who are planning on donating over $400 million to various right leaning groups including, “the National Rifle Association, Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, the National Right to Life Committee, Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition, the 60 Plus Association and the American Future Fund.”

Regal Cinemas


Donated $50,000 to the Boehner-linked Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC.

New Balance


Donated $1,000,000 to Mitt Romney’s Super PAC Restore Our Future

Gold’s Gym


Between the American Crossroads and Mitt Romney’s Super PAC Restore Our Future, they donated $1,000,000.

Los Angeles Lakers, Kings and Galaxy


All subsidiaries of AEG whose owner has made several different, “political donations, including a $50,000 to the Boehner-linked Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC.”

See the full list below:


Now that you know what these horrendous companies have been hiding, how less likely do you think you’ll be in the future to stay away? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Do you think even Liberals will make it a point to avoid any of those listed on the “hit list”?

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