Whoopi Goldberg Loses Debate, Drops Racist Comment Instead

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During a heated debate over people being offended by just words, Whoopi Goldberg was sure to point out to Will Cain from TheBlaze that he’s a “white guy” when he appeared on “The View” Thursday morning.

The topic came up when the group discussed recent controversial comments from comedian Russell Brand regarding a Fox News host being more dangerous than the radical Islamist group ISIS.

“I think it’s part of this whole trend we have now. We elevate words to the most harmful thing in society,” Cain said. “How dare you say something that could offend somebody? How dare you say something that hurts my feelings? Why have we gone to this place where words are the worst thing?”

Goldberg responded to Cain, saying “America has… a history of utilizing words to harm people and hurt people, and the people who have been on the other side of it I think are at the point where they’re saying, this is not OK anymore.”

Cain, irritated at the politically correct crowd constantly trying to stifle speech, pointed out that there was a time in America when “sticks and stoned could break my bones but words cannot hurt me.”

At this point the others on the panel joined Goldberg in their opposition to what Cain had said, but he wasn’t having it.

They went back and forth for a bit, then Goldberg shot back to Cain, “That is spoken like a true white guy.”

“Maybe — that’s what I am,” Cain said.

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