White House Responds to Republicans’ Lawsuit Against Obama

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As you may have heard by now, Congressional Republicans have recently announced that they will be suing Obama for not fully executing the duties of his office in an attempt to reign in the constant overreach. Since the time, the White House has responded by whining that the GOP is suing Obama for doing nothing more, than his job.

Oh, boo-hoo.

Last Wednesday, Speaker John Boehner explained, “You know, the Constitution makes it clear that a president’s job is to faithfully execute the laws. In my view, the president has not faithfully executed the laws. We have a system of government outlined in our Constitution with the Executive Branch, the Legislative branch and the Judicial branch.”

At this point, I think we can all agree on the fact that Obama has over stepped the bounds outlined by our forefathers in the Constitution, but of course, the current administration doesn’t see it that way. According to White House spokesman Josh Earnest, “The fact that they (Republicans) are considering a taxpayer-funded lawsuit against the president of the United States for doing his job, I think, is the kind of step that most Americans wouldn’t support.”

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Really? Your best argument is on whether or not tax payer dollars are being spent wisely?

The fact of the matter is, Obama has constantly acted outside the confines of his office, in illegal ways, to pursue personal agenda. The fact that Congress – lazy as they are – have got off their butts and are effectively doing something about it, only goes to show how far it’s gotten out of hand.

What do you guys think though – is this lawsuit nothing more than a ploy to hinder Obama’s tedious and meticulous efforts out of nothing more than spite, or does this near-tyrant leader need to be reigned back in? Let us know in the comments below.

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