Entire Ghetto Family Attacks And Injures Employees At Car Dealership

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An entire family showed up at a Hollywood car dealership and attacked its employees after a 20-year-old man demanded his deposit back.

The man allegedly put down a $300 deposit and signed a contract for a vehicle, then returned days later to demand his money back.

“He was looking for something cheap, that he wanted, that he could afford,” Peggy, an employee at the dealership, said.

Even though all sales are final at the dealership, which the young man agreed to at the time of purchasing the car, Peggy said that he called and said he didn’t want the car anymore. “I told him, ‘Well, I need something in writing stating that you want to cancel the deal.'”

The man later returned with an older man, a woman, and two small children. Once the confrontation started to get out of hand, Peggy’s father pulled out his camera and started recording.

The family attacked the employees and damaged property that was at the dealership. When Peggy followed the assailants outside to get their license plate number, they attacked her too.

“The lady pushed him out of the way, took her keys and went ‘Whap!’ right on my head,” Peggy said.

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